Monday, 4 November 2013

Probiotics reduce weight

Everyone is already known that probiotics are bacteria that are naturally found in the intestines of every man and make the intestinal microflora, which protects against proliferation of "bad" bacteria, dangerous to health. But did you know that just probiotics can help in reducing weight? Specifically, the researches performed at Stanford University in the U.S. have shown that the presence of probiotics is much higher in people who are thinner than those who have problems with overweight or chronically obese.

Truth about Joey Atlas - That is why they came to the conclusion that with increasing amounts of probiotics in the body can lead to a reduction in body weight. What actually happens in the gut? Probiotics in the gut play a key role when it comes to food digestion. They supply the hose with the enzymes needed for digestion of various nutrients, are responsible for sinteziranje some vitamins, and increase the absorption of energy from food. Some studies have also shown that probiotics can help maintain some mechanisms that regulate weight.

Specifically, this study examined the links between the immune system, metabolism, intestinal bacteria, digestion and obesity, and came to the conclusion that an increase in body weight depends not only on increased food intake but also very delicate interrelationship of intestinal bacteria and metabolism. So, the good bacteria found in the gut may help in the regulation of metabolism.

Bacteria and obesity Also, the U.S. is on the Arizona Institute for biodizajn State University in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, conducted a small study on nine people, which is not enough to should be recognized in scientific circles, but it's definitely shown the direction to be followed in the research. Of these nine, three were selected normal body weight, three people who were obese and three people who were in surgery gastric bypass.

At the start of studies have shown that all three groups in their intestines had different types of bacteria in their intestines. But as time went on, people who undergo gastric bypass surgery are all over, thanks to proper diet after surgery, had a composition of intestinal bacteria much more similar to those that had the person's normal body weight. Doctors Tell This Way =>

With further understanding of the importance and the role of different types of probiotics in our organism, there is a possibility that they will be able to play in a healthy and proper way to prevent obesity, not only minor reduction in body weight, but also preventing obesity before it happened, thanks to the knowledge of the composition of intestinal microflora. What to eat for natural Development of probiotics in the body it is necessary to eat fermented foods rich in lactic acid bacteria, and it is the bacteria that are responsible for the actual fermentation.

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