Monday, 4 November 2013

The Truth About Grow Taller Supplements

Needless to say, being tall is always the most desirable aspect for many of us. That is why the supplements, which are supposed to increase body height, are always in great demand. But there is no proven evidence (both clinical and medical) that once anyone has passed their golden puberty periods, they can grow taller.

Darwin Smith Height Program - That simply means that once you have passed the puberty, your physical growth will be stopped. No matter what you are doing or using – exercises, pills, lotions or any type of body growing formula! Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult a skilled medical practitioner before using any grow taller supplement.

Science behind Growth

Our physical growth stops when we pass puberty – as said in ‘Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics’. But the end of puberty cannot be fixed. In general, this stage ends at 18 years and 20 years of age for girls and boys consecutively.

The last stages of growth take place in the growth plates (epiphysis) sited at the ending part of our legs and arms. Throughout the puberty stage and before it, the epiphysis plates remain softer and as such allow increases of bones that means help in spurting our growth.

At the final stage of puberty, the epiphysis begins to go hard and get completely combined or fused after the puberty period.  Most of the doctors have the same opinion that growth is impossible if the epiphysis is fused. Check benefits here =>

But there are many companies producing supplements claiming that these supplements can reverse the process. Though you have found no clinical evidence, they are confirming that it is doable.

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